Allen & Scottie Black | Raleigh North Carolina


April 2, 2020

I love the sound of my Facebook DM going off and when I saw it was Melissa Black I was SO excited! Melissa and I go way back!

And what a bonus for me… she asked if I could come to Raleigh and take Allen’s senior photos and take pictures of Scottie. Ummm Yeeeessss!

I met Allen at Lassiter Mills Falls in Raleigh one Sunday afternoon in October. I hadn’t seen Allen in awhile and I was relieved that I brought my step stool because….my has he grown…he is SO tall!

Allen was so easy to photograph and nailed every pose the first try! I kept asking him…”Oh Allen do you know how happy you’re making your sweet Momma right now?” His response was…”Yes Ma’am.” He’s not only incredibly handsome but so polite! Love him!

After the Falls we met Scottie and Melissa at The North Carolina Museum of Art. 

First , I took pictures of Allen and Scottie together and oh my gosh… we laughed so hard! 

I love capturing authentic moments so I just clicked away at the two of them interacting. 

These two genuinely care about each other and it shows in the photos.

Next, up was the beautiful Scottie! Oh my goodness those eyes and her smile and the beautiful warm glow around her was out of this world amazing! Scottie you are STUNNING! 

For those of you who know the ENTIRE Black family you know they ALL have this amazing smile that lights up any room! 

I am so thankful that I was able to capture their gorgeous smiles and their amazing personalities in these images that will be cherished for a lifetime!

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