Felton Family | Atlantic Beach | North Carolina


April 8, 2020

The Felton family are great friends of ours and I’m so thankful they are in our lives! 

I was excited when Farelle and I found a date to photograph her beautiful family at Atlantic Beach.

I drove up on a Saturday afternoon and as I got closer I noticed storm clouds rolling in.

I kept thinking…”Please don’t rain!”

Once I got to their beach house I told Farelle very calmly…

”You know…I think y’all should get dressed and let’s head to the beach to take pictures.” Tim was out on the boat and wasn’t expected home for 30 to 40 minutes. I told Farelle not to worry that he could meet us at the beach. 

Farelle, Hayes, and Lizzie got dressed quickly and we drove to the Coral Bay Club. As soon as we stepped out of the car it started to drizzle. We jumped back in the car and waited. Once there was a break in the rain we got out and I started clicking away. I kept thinking to myself “oh…I sure hope Tim shows up and FAST!” Lightning was all around us and it was getting ready to storm.

Tim arrived and I was so relieved. I had to work quickly but I knew these were going to be some of my favorite photographs of all time! 

The colors of their outfits against the colors in the sky made for a magical setting! 

I kept looking at the back of my camera thinking…“oh my gosh the colors in these images are amazing!” 

No one would ever know by looking at these photographs that the wind was whipping, lightning was all around us, and we were dodging rain drops. The Felton’s were troopers!

Thank you Felton family for trusting me to capture this special moment in time. This is a photo shoot we will talk about for years to come!

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