Nick & Annika Karras


January 18, 2021

Sibling photo shoots are so much FUN especially when it’s with Nick and Annika Karras!

I was excited when Katy contacted me to schedule a photo shoot for Nick and Annika when Nick was home from school over winter break. We decided to go to Fort Fisher and were lucky we had a beautiful day in January to take pictures.

We had a blast climbing rocks, dodging waves, and walking through the beautiful landscape that Fort Fisher provides.

Nick and Annika… I had the best time photographing the two of you! Y’all are AMAZING!

NIck & Annika Karras 2021

  1. Kathryn Karras says:

    Thank you Catherine for these beautiful photos that we will treasure for years to come. You captured their personalities perfectly, and they had so much fun with you!

  2. Susan Stouse says:

    You got Nick to look comfortable in these pictures! Annika is always a natural. Having such great pictures helps to ease the time between visits.

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