Claire Douglas | Senior Photo Shoot | Wrightsville Beach


September 23, 2021

I had the privilege of photographing the most remarkable young woman! Claire you are STUNNING!

Michelle and I are good friends so I asked her if she would like to write Claire’s Blog post…she said… YES!

Here’s what Michelle wrote…

Senior pictures have changed a lot since I was in High School.

When I was a senior we had the traditional velvet “drape” with pearls or the fake fencepost/hay bale/ wagon wheel. For “personalization” we wore a color we liked and tried to make sure our class ring showed up in the photo. We got our allotted 10 min with the photographer and picked the best of our awkward, posed shots for the yearbook.

But at some point in the relatively short time since I graduated from High School (accurate from an “arc of history” standpoint), young adults collectively decided they wanted to punctuate this milestone moment with an artifact that more accurately reflects who they are- rather than forcing everyone into the same mold. And so was born the “Senior Photo Shoot.”

Because I have known Catherine since Claire was a toddler, and because Catherine and I had such an amazingly fun time snapping pictures of me on a frozen, windy Saturday in January, I knew in my bones that if anybody could capture my daughter’s unique and magical blend of silly, feisty, soulful and effortlessly gorgeous, it would be Cat.

As you will see, I chose wisely. These photos capture everything that makes Claire her own precious self. Our shoot started with a last minute change of venue due to circumstances unforeseen. Because she’s a pro, Catherine had a magnificent back up plan. And because Claire rolls with the punches better than most young women her age (she’s had a lot of practice…) this in-the-moment pivot worked in our favor.

Most importantly, we had a ball. Having fun is the key to getting fantastic photos, and Catherine has a rare gift that makes staring into that lens feel like a frolic. For this reason, I not only have great photos, but priceless memories of a day well spent. Aspects of my daughter’s personality that I struggle to even put into words are now captured in gorgeous, joyful images that I will cherish forever. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the incredible person my baby girl is becoming.

~ Michelle ~

A big thank you to Emma for an amazing job on Claire’s makeup and to Set Blowout Bar for a fabulous hairdo!

  1. Mchelle Vanstory says:

    I would have trusted nobody but Catherine to capture my precious daughter’s indelible spirit. I am so proud of this amazing young woman and all that she is destined to add to our world.

  2. Nancy Vanstory says:

    I am so proud of my girls and honored to be their Mom and Nana. They are both strong, intelligent, remarkable women and I love them dearly for so many reasons! Thank you Catherine, for capturing their beautiful spirits! Nancy Vanstory

  3. Suzanne Templeton says:

    Amazingly beautiful women, inside and out! Terrific photos and blog!

  4. Laura Kabel says:

    Beautiful pictures of Claire! Looks so much like you Michelle and so photogenic like yourself 💕💕love these! Beautiful daughter 💕

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