Chase Kelly | Senior Photo Shoot | Wrightsville Beach


November 1, 2021

Chase Kelly you are ONE in a MILLION!

The Kelly family was the first family that we met when we moved to Wilmington over five years ago and man did we score big! The Kelly’s are amazing people and I feel so lucky to call them friends!

My son Dalton and Chase quickly became friends in middle school and have remained close. I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome Chase is! He is absolutely hilarious, full of life, smart, and always the life of the party! Oh… and he is so HANDSOME… and that HAIR…I’m obsessed! I told Chase I would be thrilled to take his senior pictures but only if he fixed his hair extra big for me! Thank you Chase!

When Jennifer and I chatted about Chase’s senior pictures I told her that we couldn’t just do the typical senior shoot that we had to incorporate something creative and FUN. We talked about how our boys lived on Xbox sitting in their robes during the pandemic and right then I knew…we had to do a shoot with the boys in their robes!

We started the shoot in Landfall at the Intracoastal Waterway where Chase sported his fancy attire. Dalton came to the shoot to cheer Chase on and has a few cameo appearances as well. Then we moved to Temple Gardens to recreate a shot of Chase when he was a little in his Seattle Seahawks jersey. So FUN!

Then it was time… we headed to the beach where the boys sported their robes all while strolling along the beautiful coastline. Chase remained cozy in his robe while I worked to find his best angles and the perfect lighting. I think we nailed it! I will say… the looks that we got from the people on the beach were priceless! Chase Kelly please don’t change! Keep doing YOU because you are AWESOME!

Disclaimer: No cigars were actually smoked during this photo shoot. They were only used as hysterical props! Don’t Stop Scrolling there is so much goodness!

Chase Kelly ~ Emsley A Laney High School ~ Class of 2022

Dalton and Chase
The boys thought it would be more fun to ride the lions instead of posing amongst this glorious scenery! I love them!
  1. Kevin Pierce says:

    Last time I saw this young man he was napping in his mama’s arms while we all were at SeaWorld watching the killer whale show. Where has time gone? Awesome pictures…

  2. Lynn Walker says:

    Such awesome pictures! To capture the beauty of youth must be a very fulfilling part of your talent!!! Love the Kelly Family! All good things await these young men!

  3. Gypsy Cook says:

    They are quite a pair! Friends forever!

  4. Sally Sullivan says:

    What great pictures and great friends!

  5. Ashley Marble says:

    Love it!!! Priceless pictures and memories captured. A friendship like this is such a gift. Handsome boys!!!

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