Holiday Wedding & High Fashion Shoot


December 8, 2021

I’ve been busy this year working on several projects to help my wedding clients better understand that every decision they make for their wedding day impacts the images they receive in their gallery. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming so my goal is to show you how different color schemes photograph. I have several blog posts to share with you over the next few months that I hope will be helpful to you when choosing colors for your wedding day.

My signature style is Light & Airy. I’m obsessed with this style of photography because in my opinion, the images are TIMELESS! Colors that are associated with a Light & Airy feel are neutrals. Such as…white, khaki, light grey, minty greens, and pastels. However, sometimes a Light & Airy feel is difficult to achieve depending on where I’m shooting and what light source I have. There are so many things that need to come together to achieve a Light & Airy feel and the first thing I look for is…what direction is the light coming from and what colors I’m photographing.

Below are pictures from two different shoots. The Holiday Wedding has a red and white color scheme. There are darker structures in the background in this shoot. However, I was still able to find perfect lighting to make the images not feel so heavy despite the darkness. The High Fashion shoot has a yellow and white color scheme and truly has a Light & Airy feel. Both shoots are absolutely beautiful but a lot of thought went into how I was going to shoot these images (camera settings, lenses, poses, lighting) and how I was going to edit the images because of the color choices.

Red is not a color that is typically associated with a Light & Airy feel. However, it can still be achieved if used strategically and in small amounts. I think it worked beautifully for this gorgeous Holiday Wedding!

In the High Fashion shoot below you will see how yellow and white photograph. This shoot has a true Light & Airy feel to it. There are no dark or heavy structures in the background and I was able to find the perfect lighting to create glow in the images.

Every color choice made for a wedding…from the color of the..table linens, bridesmaids dresses, flowers, groomsmen’s attire, the venue, and so much more impacts the feel of an image.

If you have questions on how colors will photograph… I’m here to help make suggestions so you will have images that you LOVE!

High Fashion Shoot

A special thanks to all of the incredible venders who made these shoots possible!

Holiday Wedding Shoot

Photographer: Catherine Feldman Catherine Feldman Photography LLC @catfeldmanphoto

Concept & Planning: @heatherbengeofficial

Venue: @wadleyfarms

Hair & Makeup: @sunkissedandmadeup

Stationary: @eros_stationary

Floral Design: @Lilly.and.iris

Cake: @thedessertstudioutah

Rentals: @diamondeventandtent

Men’s Wear: @themoderngroom_

Gown: @styled.gowns

Bridal Accessories: @janicetan_co

Styling Surfaces: @replicasurfaces

RIng Box: @lovelyringboxes

Models: @lavulo_era @blairmjones


High Fashion Shoot

Photographer: Catherine Feldman Catherine Feldman Photography LLC @catfeldmanphoto

Concept & Planning: @heatherbengeofficial

Venue: @wadleyfarms

Hair & Makeup: @sunkissedandmadeup

Floral Design: @m.floral

Gown: @styled.gowns

Model: @hannaholivia28


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