Caroline Harris | Light & Airy Photo Shoot


August 29, 2022

Come along with me as I take you on a Light & Airy Photo Shoot from start to finish…

First…I have big news y’all!!!

I’m now offering affordable GOWN RENTAL! YAY! If you’re wanting to elevate your photo shoot contact me regarding the dress styles and colors that I offer. As you can see from Caroline’s shoot below you won’t be disappointed!

Don’t ever be afraid to step-out of the box and do something different for your photo shoot.

My philosophy is…Why be basic when you can be EXTRA! I LOVE EXTRA! A photo shoot is your moment to SHINE!

How to Create a Light & Airy Photo Shoot

The most frequently asked question that I get is…What should I wear on my photo shoot?

So… I thought I would put together an entire shoot to show you how to create my dreamy Light & Airy style. Caroline Harris, is a junior in high school and was my model for the day. Caroline, thank you for trusting in me to choose every detail for this shoot! You are AMAZING and breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL!

To answer the question… What should I wear on my photo shoot? My answer is always this… Wear what you love and what you feel beautiful in.

HOWEVER, if you want a dreamy, Light & Airy look, you have to choose your wardrobe wisely. The colors that I suggest you wear are…white, blush, soft blues, minty greens, lavender, pink, peach, and khaki. Any pastel color. Solids photograph best but small prints and small stripes work well too. Keep accessories to a minimum. The goal in a Light & Airy shoot is for there not to be a lot of distractions in the image, the subject is the main focus with creamy skin tones, and there’s a dreamy background with a lot of bokeh.

When looking at the images of Caroline at the gardens and beach, think if she were wearing red, orange, black, or any dark or super bright color. The images would look totally different. Now listen…I get it, I love black too and wear it just about every day. But… here are the disadvantages… Black and big bold colors are heavy and very distracting in an image. Don’t get me wrong there is a time and a place for dark or bold colors but a Light & Airy shoot is NOT one of them.

Hair & Makeup

Having hair and makeup done professionally is NOT for everyone. In fact, if you typically wear little or no makeup, I suggest you not consider it. However, if you’re wanting to elevate your shoot then I highly recommend it!

I have teamed up with Bridal Styles Beauty and I’m thrilled with the results and service they provide my clients. Kristen and I are in constant contact and work closely to talk about looks that can be interchangeable with multiple outfits and look AMAZING on camera.

I always tell my clients… having hair and makeup done professionally is a game changer but for some it can be overwhelming. Keep in mind that these are professionals applying the makeup and they know how to contour and highlight properly. They also use special makeup for photography. So yes, it might feel like a lot but it looks amazing and most importantly NATURAL on camera. Look at Caroline’s images below… she had full makeup with lashes and it’s total perfection! Trust the professionals!

When I reached out to Kristen about this styled shoot that I was planning with Caroline, I showed her pictures of a model I photographed in Utah. I told her I wanted Caroline’s hair to be similar and I mentioned that I wasn’t sure why I loved this style so much but I was obsessed with it. Kristen, being the professional that she is said…”the reason you like this hair style is because it photographs beautifully from every angle”. She was RIGHT, that’s exactly why I love this style. Most updo’s are in the back and this style is beautiful from every angle making it a win for photography. This is why planning and preparation is so incredibly important. By the way this hair style withstood 20+mph winds on the beach. Go Kristen!

The last step in making amazing images is… don’t be afraid to move your body. Caroline has never modeled before, but as you can see below she took my direction beautifully and I used her natural movement to create authentic and timeless imagery.

And well…the rest is up to me! A lot of thought and planning goes into every shoot especially, a Light & Airy shoot. This is my favorite type of photo shoot because the images are timeless, authentic, and remind me of a pastel portrait.

I hope this has been helpful on how to prepare and plan for your Light & Airy Photo Shoot!

Caroline, thank you sweet girl for modeling for me. You absolutely exceeded my expectations! XOXO

From the gardens to the beach, enjoy this Light & Airy shoot…

  1. Brooke Sellers says:

    I would absolutely love more information on how I can set up a session for my 2 daughters and honey we want it all!!! Caroline looks absolutely stunning!

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