Sawyer Piepho | Senior Photo Shoot | Wilmington


November 13, 2023

Sawyer, a high school senior from Georgia, embarked on a remarkable adventure in Wilmington, North Carolina. His mission? To document this pivotal moment in his life through the lens of a camera. It was an honor that Sawyer chose me to freeze this moment in time. Sawyer’s enthusiasm, intelligence, and creative spirit made this photo shoot a truly unforgettable experience. His magnetic personality and zest for life were infectious, igniting a creative spark in me!

Our journey began in the heart of Downtown Wilmington. The graffiti walls, alleyways, bridge, and architecture provided a perfect backdrop for capturing Sawyer’s essence. I saw glimpses of his intelligence and creativity shining through with every click of the camera.

Next, we headed to a parking deck, an unconventional yet perfect location for an artist like Sawyer. The urban setting allowed for experimentation with lighting and angles, creating a dynamic visual narrative that perfectly encapsulated his character.

Our adventure did not end there. Wilmington’s coastal beauty beckoned us, so we made our way to the stunning Wrightsville Beach. As we arrived at this pristine destination, the vibrant colors of the ocean, the golden sands, and the radiant sky provided a breathtaking canvas. Here Sawyer’s free-spirited nature truly came to life.

It was an honor for me, as a photographer, to be chosen to document this significant chapter in Sawyer’s life. I’m truly humbled that the Piepho family made the long journey to Wilmington.

Sawyer…I will never forget you! I will always remember you as the HANDSOME senior that made me a better photographer stretching my creativity to match your incredible artistic talents. Most of all… I will never forget the joy and laughs we shared that day! I wish you the very best with everything you do! There is no doubt you have an incredibly bright future ahead. Sawyer, stay true to yourself and whatever you do… DON’T go changing!

Sawyer Piepho ~ Newnan High School ~ Georgia ~ Class of 2024

  1. Verna D. Cook says:

    These are wonderful photos. His personality is captured in each one! Best of luck to him!

  2. Verna D. Cook says:

    Love the photos and the settings. Best of luck to this young man.

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