Anna Grace Cazeault | Senior Photo Shoot | Raleigh


April 24, 2024

As I drove down the familiar roads leading to Raleigh, anticipation bubbled within me. It wasn’t just another day; it was the day of Anna Grace’s senior photo shoot. It felt like only yesterday when I captured her sweet sixteen photos, and now, here we were, ready to create more memories and document her senior year at Saint Mary’s School.

Saint Mary’s, once my college campus, now exclusively a high school, exudes a magical charm that will never fade. As I stepped onto its grounds, nostalgia washed over me, reminding me of the countless memories I had made there. But today, my focus was on Anna Grace, a vibrant senior ready to embark on her own journey.

Our adventure began at Pullen Park. Anna Grace effortlessly took center stage against the lush greenery and the bridges that the park has to offer.

Next, we headed to the stunning azalea garden, bursting with vibrant blooms. Amidst the sea of colors, Anna Grace’s beauty shone bright as we wandered through the garden paths, each corner offering a new opportunity to freeze time.

But the highlight of the day was undoubtedly returning to Saint Mary’s. Against the backdrop of familiar buildings, we captured the essence of Anna Grace’s transition from high school to the next chapter of her academic career. As she posed for pictures on campus, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride knowing what an incredible experience I know she has had there.

In the blink of an eye, Anna Grace’s senior year had unfolded before my lens, a testament to the fleeting nature of time. But through photography, we captured these moments, ensuring that Anna Grace’s journey would be remembered for years to come.

Anna Grace, CONGRATULATIONS on your acceptance to North Carolina State University! I’m so excited for you! There is no doubt you have an incredibly bright future ahead! Wishing you all the best!

Here’s to chasing dreams, embracing beauty, and capturing perfection—one click at a time. XOXO

Anna Grace Cazeault ~ Saint Mary’s School ~ Class of 2024

  1. Pat Lewis says:

    What amazing pics! Anna Grace you’re beautiful!
    I wish you only the best. Enjoy your first year at Saint Mary’s

  2. Allison T says:

    These are gorgeous- just like AG! Love them all! 😍

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