Atticus Sauls | Senior Photo Shoot | Wilmington North Carolina


April 2, 2020

When I received the text from Tricia asking if I had availability to take Atticus’s senior photos I was STOKED! I might be too old to use the word “stoked” but I’m using it anyway 🙂

You see…I hadn’t seen Tricia or Atticus in a few years and I couldn’t wait to see them again!

I met Tricia when a mutual friend in Raleigh started a playgroup in 2002. Really this group was more for the Momma’s who desperately needed some social interaction and an excuse to get out of stretch pants and sweatshirts. 

Once the kids got a little older they all became friends and this playgroup is what kept our sanity as our families grew. 

All of us Momma’s in the playgroup have high school seniors that graduated last year or are graduating this year. 

So…to have the opportunity to photograph Atticus was incredibly special to me!

Tricia and Atticus drove to Wilmington on a Sunday afternoon and once they arrived I just knew this was going to be an epic shoot. I loved his outfit choices and my goodness Atticus looks like he just stepped out of a magazine!

I told Atticus that I wanted to make his vision for the shoot a reality so one request he had was to be photographed in front of Arby’s. 

I thought to myself hmmm….Arby’s well ok then.. LET’S DO THIS!

I can honestly say this was my first time lying down in the Arby’s parking lot on a photoshoot but I’m so glad I did! 

Even the employees at Arby’s were waiving through the window cheering us on.  

Atticus, it was a pleasure photographing you and I’m so proud of the man you have become! I can’t wait to see where life takes you…


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