Julia Salo | Senior Photo Shoot |


April 11, 2022

I’m telling you…Julia is absolutely remarkable! When Julia told me that she wanted to do her photo shoot out at the farm where she rides horses and at Fort Fisher I was super EXCITED!

I headed out to the farm on a windy day in March and I couldn’t wait to meet Julia and the horse she rides, Steele. Julia has a love for animals like nothing I’ve ever seen!

We had so much fun taking pictures at the farm! I learned quickly that horses don’t always pose the way you want them to LOL. BUT… Steele was a good sport and even smiled and showed his teeth in several of the pictures. I think Steele enjoyed the photo shoot just as much as Julia did.

Once it was feeding time, Steele was ready to go back to the barn so we took that opportunity to take more pictures of Julia in the woods that lined the property.

A few weeks later we finished Julia’s shoot at Fort Fisher where she brought her adorable pup Zoey. I’m telling you Julia is amazing with animals and has a special bond with them. We took pictures at all of my favorite places at Fort Fisher and as always got lots of cacti stuck in our shoes. I always say…it’s not a successful trip to Fort Fisher if you don’t get sand spurs or cacti stuck in your shoes!

Because of Julia’s love for animals, she plans to become a Veterinarian Technician after high school. Julia…I’m so proud of you and I absolutely love your passion for animals. There is no doubt in my mind that you are going to do ALL that you set out to do. Wishing you the very best!

~Julia Salo ~ Laney High School ~ Class of 2022

  1. Kristen Tackett says:

    These are awesome! Julia’s spirit is really captured in the photos. What a beautiful young lady, inside and out!

  2. Gypsy cook says:

    Wonderful photos. What fun that shoot must have been!

  3. Doris Feagans says:

    These are beautiful pictures of my granddaughter Julia! You captured her beauty and the love she has fur animals. I don’t think there’s anything that makes her happier. Thank you!

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