Jace Rivenbark | Senior Photo Shoot | Wilmington


November 9, 2022

When Jace stepped out of the car I said… “Well I knew you had to be handsome because with a name like Jace Rivenbark it just screams…good looking!”

Hello Handsome!

When Daphne and I were talking about locations to take Jace’s senior pictures she mentioned that he likes the woods and enjoys kayaking. Jace kayaks at Pages Creek Park Preserve so we decided that’s where he would be photographed.

We had so much fun walking down the wooded trail. We walked for about a mile stopping to take pictures along the way. The trail ends where Jace launches his kayak into the marsh. I love that we were able to capture Jace in the environment that he enjoys most.

Jace… you have a smile that lights up room! You are kind, fun, and I’m telling you, with your name and good looks, I think you are movie star material! Wishing you the very best as you finish your senior year and move on to your next big adventure.

Jace Rivenbark ~ Class of 2023

  1. Gypsy Cook says:

    Another great photo shoot.

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