Jackson Fox | Senior Photo Shoot | Wrightsville Beach


April 3, 2023


The much anticipated Blog Post for Jackson Fox is finally here! WHOOHOOO!

I couldn’t wait for this photo shoot to take place! I have known Andrea for years and was so excited to photograph her first born! I knew Jackson would have fun on the shoot and would be willing to go along with my crazy ideas. I’m so thankful he put his trust in me!

I had Andrea and Jackson meet me in Downtown Wilmington to start the shoot. When I turned the corner and saw Jackson step out of the car in that incredible hot pink suite, and those shades…I said to myself…”oh yeah baby…this is going to be EPIC”…and it was!

Jackson is incredibly handsome and is truly a remarkable young man. He is kind, intelligent, polished, and an awesome athlete. Jackson is a well rounded individual and has a BRIGHT future ahead!

After a few alleyways and a parking deck we headed to the always beautiful Wrightsville Beach. We had a blast taking pictures and enjoyed spending time together. It was a beautiful March day and I’m telling you this is one photo shoot I will never forget!

Jackson…my only advice to you is…keep doing YOU! You are truly a fine young man with many amazing opportunities ahead. Congratulations on your acceptance to Rochester Institute of Technology! WAY TO GO!

Andrea, my sweet friend thank you for making the trip from Raleigh so I could photograph your boy! I loved spending the afternoon with you and Jackson! XOXO

Jackson Fox ~ Ravenscroft ~ Class of 2023

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    Blown away. Gorgeous work. LOVE THIS KID ❤️

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